• BFT Mitto 2 (BFT Mitto B RCB02)

BFT MITTO 2, 433 MHz rolling code two button remote control transmitter for use with BFT automatic gates and garage doors.

Some early models had a blue case with yellow buttons and this model is fully compatible with the earlier type. Since June 2014 New Mitto 2 does not have any secret button in the rear.

Only compatible with the BFT Automation range.

Model: MITTO 2 B RCB
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons: 2
Coding: rolling code  
Dimensions: 80 mm × 38 mm × 18 mm
Battery is included

Instructions to program the fob:

The following process will only work if your control panel has been enabled for remote programming by the installer. If the following process does not work you will need the assistance of an approved BFT installer

You will need to be near the control panel  and you will need one existing, functional, transmitter already coded on the systemand any new/replacement transmitters readily to hand.

The following sequence must be followed sequentially in rapid succession; any pause in the process will cause the system to time out.

Read and familiarise yourself with the process before commencing.

1. Press the top two front buttons together for 2 seconds.
2. Press the functioning button on the front of the transmitter already stored on the system for 2 seconds
3. Press the the top two front buttons on the new transmitter for 2 seconds
4. Press the desired button on the front of the new transmitter for 2 seconds

Repeat 3 & 4 for as many transmitters as are to be added to the system, but ensure there is no pause between operations to prevent time out

5. Leave 20 Seconds before attempting to use your new transmitter(s) for the board to reset

If this process fails to enable your new transmitter(s) contact your local approved BFT Installer

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BFT Mitto 2 (BFT Mitto B RCB02)

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